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This guide was originally printed in the 'Official Sega Saturn Magazine' (UK), Issue 17.. and typed out for your pleasure by me, Flakvin.

This guide will refer to the game as Exhumed, not Powerslave (the US version of the game). The original guide has pictures, this guide doesn't, until I can get a scanner and scan them.. until then, there are no pics here, but the wording should be adequate enough to guide you to the dolls.

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Essential Techniques
(Needed to complete this guide)

Proper use of the 'LOOK' button is absolutely crucial to Exhumed. You should get used to using it for throwing Anun Bombs, checking your footing for jumps, checking your height when negotiating a laser beam field, and last but not least, climbing vertical walls.

The Sunken Palace is one of the toughest levels in the game, but there is a way to make it easier. When swimming, instead of just holding down the jump button, try tapping it rythmically to swim faster. Also, any damage you take underwater comes off your air-o-meter as well as your health. Likewise, any health you pick up gives you slightly more air.

By throwing a fully charged Anun Bomb directly at your feet, you will take damage, but also be propelled higher than a standard jump. If you jump up and levitate first (using Horus' Feather) you can go even higher. You have to do this to complete Kilmaat Colony.

Using the same principle as the Bomb-Boost, when levitating in the air move to the nearest wall and push into it. Angle your view diagonally downwards towards the wall, and use either the Cobra Staff or a charged Anun bomb to propel yourself up the wall. Keep pushing into the walls as your fire and you can scale a vertical wall. A cunning technique, for sure.

Finding The Hidden Dolls : The Guide

You will most probably need to complete the game first, then go back and find the dolls, as you will need some of the weapons/items found later in the game to complete the Doll finding guide. Each of the dolls is named after one of the people who worked on the game (Just in case you were wondering).

Here we go !!

Doll 1 : John Schwab
Blow a hole in the wall as you are riding down the first elevator you come to (facing north) to open a hidden passage. Look for a slightly out of place brick.

Doll 2 : Kevin Chung
Look for a chamber with 4 pillars. Blow open the top of the northwest pillar (look for a different texture), and bomb-boost up to the doll.

Doll 3 : Ezra Driesbach
Location: KARNAK
In the obelisk courtyard jump from the water-pool area (at the top) onto the arched entrance away to the area (there are a couple of pots there). This opens a secret door to open just around the corner. Levitate in and get the doll.

Doll 4 : Mark Coates
Location: KARNAK
Throw a bomb at the rockface ABOVE the waterfall near the exit to Amun Mines to open a secret area. Once in the area use another bomb to open a vertical passage in the right hand wall.

Doll 5 : Paul Lange
In the swamp trench, on the bridge where there is a full ammo and full health you will see a slight indent in the overhang. Blow open a hole in the wall on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the indent (ie. Behind it) to reveal the doll.

Doll 6 : Pat Schreiber
Location: SOBEK PASS
Blow open a hole in the pillar you must jump on to get the key. The hole is on the southern face, about half way down.

Doll 7 : Tom Kristensen
Location: SOBEK PASS
Near the start of the level there is a small brown ledge high on a cliff face. Stand on this ledge and point north. Levitate over to the wall you are facing and blow open a secret chamber near the top of the wall. (Hard isnt it)

Doll 8 : Jeff Blazier
In the outside lava trench with the four floating platforms, levitate underneath the western most platform (facing the indent in the wall) and throw a bomb directly down to blow open a secret passageway.

Doll 9 : Scott Branston
Location: AMUN MINES
In the room where you pick up the Anun Bomb, there is a garish blue texture on the ceiling. Throw a bomb at it and bomb-boost up.

Doll 10 : William Vallieres
Location: SET PALACE
Stand below the bridge over the lava river. Blow a hole in the underside of the bridge, levitate out over the lava and bomb-boost up. Simple!??!

Doll 11 : Eric Klokstad
Location: SET ARENA
Throw a bomb against either of the two large pillars in the lava pit which have a full health/ammo power-up on them. There is a doll at the bottom. Now you're about half-way thought the doll collection procedure.

Doll 12 : Paul Schreiber
Just past the chasm where there are four wasps and a wall shooter that blows open a doorway on the opposide side of the chasm, there is a chamber with a bluish texture on the ceiling in one corner. Blow it open, and the doll should be yours.

Doll 13 : Richard Nichols
Location: NILE GORGE
Jump over the level-exit camel (that takes you to the Thoth Treasure Reliquary) and bomb the wall. Grab the doll from the upside-down room. Are Lobotomy trting to say something about Mr. Nichols?

Dolls 14 & 15 : David Lawson & Joe Kresoja
Throw a bomb on the pedestal where you collect the protective anklets and drop down inside to collect the David Lawson doll. Now turn around and bomb the opposite wall (with the decorative murial). Bomb again to reveal another secret area and another doll.

Doll 16 : Paul Haugerud
In one of the donut shaped areas (with a fenced grating at the top of the outside wall) simply bomb-boost up to the top of the pillar to collect another doll.

Doll 17 : Kurt Pfeifer
As you approach the end of the level and reach the last green platform before the camel area, bomb-boast up to the top of the chamber to locate a secret passage with a doll at the end.

Doll 18 : Troy Jacobsen
Walk to the exit at the bottom of the spiral staircase where you start. Now turn around and bomb the wall directly behind you, to the right of the grey wall. Hit the switch to lower the highest stair, and blow out the revealed wall. Hit the next switch to lower another stair, blow out that wall and follow passage.

Doll 19 : Dominick Meissner
In the large room with the spiral bridge and a full health there is a stalagmite. Bomb the base of the bridge on a certain side of the stalagmite to reveal a passage. Hit the switch and drop down to collect the doll. Dont fumble the ball now - you've almost got all of the dolls and soon the rewards shall be yours. YOURS!! Yes! AHAHAHAHA!

Doll 20 : Paul Knutzen
Location: HORUS PEAK
After running across the series of dropping platforms you end up on the first of two floating platforms, pointing towards a lavafall. Blow an opening in the side of the lava fall near the top, levitate in to bag the doll.

Dolls 21 & 22 : John Duessen & John Yull
At the start of the stage jump and levitate straight ahead. Follow the path round till you reach an overhang. Squeeze under it and as you come out, turn around and bomb the patchy texture. Enter the passage and follow it till you reach a dead end. Bomb the ceiling to reveal another passage and climb up. Negotiate the laser maze (a bitch!!) and two dolls are yours.

Doll 23 : Brian McNeely
There is an invisible walkway directly beneath the walkway leading to King Ramses body in the mummy incubation chamber. Drop down onto the walkway (very tricky), collect the Brian doll then head towards the rings. Use your map to see where the invisible walkway ends and jump onto the lowest ring. Now bomb-boost up two ring levels and jump onto the mummy. TAKES PRACTICE!!!

DONE. All 23 dolls are yours. *Hopefully*


Complete the game with all 23 dolls, then start a new game over your old save game slot (dont worry, it's safe). You'll now play in LOBO-FLIGHT MODE. You fly everywhere, can breathe underwater and all your guns operate at super speed. Now return to the main title screen for a new option - DEATH TANK MODE!! Note: It is confirmed that Death Tank is in the American version of Exhumed (Powerslave) and is probably in the UK version, but we cant be 100% sure. But it should be.

There thats the guide completed.

*Special thanks to UK 'Official Sega Saturn Magazine', Issue 17, for the guide.

*And, thanks to me (Flakvin), for taking the time to type it out for you special SegaXtreme'rs :)

*If there are any typo's or something not quite correct, email me, and I'll see what I can do.

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